Automatic Driveway Gate

Depending on the type of driveway gate you are installing in your custom home, there are many different options for the Operators. There are a few things you must look for when choosing the proper system. Make sure the motor is capable of Sliding/Swinging your Custom Driveway Gate. There are a select few Manufactures I would suggest for Longevity, and these companies stand behind there products with a 3 year warranty.

If your gate is a Single Swing Gate under 16’ and IRON/ALUMINUM I would suggest using the LIFT MASTER LA 400 Single Swing Gate Operator. With this operator you need 110v power ran to your location of the gate. There is an option with this operator as well that lets you convert this to a solar powered operator. This operator is compatible with many different remotes for entry, and you can program a wireless keypad with coded entry, or telephone/intercom entry. If your gate is Aluminum/Iron DOUBLE SWINGING gate they make a LA 400 Operator for this as well with all of the same options.

If your gate is a WOOD GATE single swing/double swing being that they are nearly twice the weight you need to use a PAD MOUNTED OPERATOR with capacities to operate with the weight. All of the manufactures I have listed offer these motors. It all comes down to budget, and what your preference is.

For your Sliding Gate application if your gate is Iron/Aluminum you will need to use a pad mounted Sliding gate operator. For most applications the ROBO Slide operator by Lift master is one of the best I would suggest to use, and if you are using the operator for a wood gate you need to use one capable of pulling this gate look at the limits from the manufacture.


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