Garage Door

Natural wood garage doors are aesthetically very pleasing and add value to any home. Redwood, oak and cedar garage doors are very popular with many new home builders. Natural wood is really great at accenting your home. In terms of garage doors pricing wood doors are relatively cheap to build and install however they are obviously not as durable as conventional metal or composite garage doors.

Wood garage doors will weather quickly and expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes. As such frequent up keep will be required to keep them in good condition. Many of the new wood care products do a very good job of protecting wood products including wood garage doors. If you live in area with long winters and deep snows where the snow will lay against the doors for an extended period then you will need to conduct maintenance more often. Also if you live in an area with long periods of heat and humidity such as the Southeast US you will also have to do a good job of regular maintenance to protect your investment.

The lowest priced wood garage doors are constructed of redwood while oak and cedar garage doors are normally about twice as expensive. A 16 x 7 redwood garage door will average about $600 to $800 depending on the type of door construction. Tilt-up garage doors are especially adaptable to using wood for construction. Cedar garage doors have an additional advantage of being lightweight and very rot resistant. In addition white cedar garage doors do a fairly good job of insulating as well.

If you decide to use a flush fit roll up garage door construction you should make sure the panels are constructed of one solid piece of wood. Failure to do so will mean that there is a good chance that glued and stapled seams will begin to show after weathering. Finding redwood and cedar material that is straight and clean can be expensive. Thin wood panels will have a higher risk of warping than larger dimensions. However it you are installing an oak door with long solid panels then door weight may become a concern.

For obvious reason you would not want to install cedar garage doors or any wood door in areas of high wind risk. However you can apply a wood door covering to a high wind rated door that will protect your home from hurricanes and meet local high wind building codes. In some case local building codes will not permit the modification. It probably be best find a conventional high wind garage door manufacture that has a very good artificial wood finish embossed on it if you live along the Southeast Coastal areas.

When building your home there is no doubt that natural wood garage doors do look very nice. The look of an oak, redwood or white cedar garage doors that are well maintained will certainly enhance the value of your home. It really is hard to beat the natural look of real wood.


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